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ABC Garage Door Repair

ABC Garage Door offers high quality garage doors repair in Washington DC service with experience and sincerity of its BBB accredited technicians.

Controlling garage door noise and maintaining its drive system can make its life long

A nice garage door can reflect your personality and individual choice. Your home is a special and exceptional place for you and it can be more special and exceptional if a best garage door adds to it. Garage doors are likely to work every time you press the garage door opener button. But if there are problems with it, you may face with terrible difficulty of delays both at home and at work place. One can understand how important the garage door is and need effort to take care of every problem efficiently on time. Garage door services in Virginia offer best garage door repair service and are happy to be associated with some of the very best garage door products and manufacturers in the business.

Automatic garage doors are a complex piece of machinery, so when you’re dealing with a noisy garage door, you may consider several factors for a noiseless and smooth Garage Door.


Lubricate Metal Parts-

The metal parts of your garage door need to stay lubricated to reduce the noise. Rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks can create a loud noise if not appropriately lubricated. If your garage door has nylon rollers, avoid getting oil on the nylon part of the roller and be sure to wipe off excess oil.

Tighten Nuts and Bolts-

Garage door has different screws, fasteners, nuts, and bolts. Any one of them may be loosen during daily movement and can cause noise. Proper inspection, tighten all hardware and loose screws can be an easy fix to a noisy garage door problem.

Inspect Rollers-

A common reason improper movement of garage door is the roller system on each side of the tracks. While inspecting rollers, they can roll but may not slide when operating. If rollers appear to be worn or damaged, it may need to be replaced.

Inspect the Tracks-

Garage door tracks can often accumulate dirt and could cause abnormal noise. Inspect the track and clear any visible debris and objects that could get caught on the rollers. Garage door services team essentially inspect each such factor which cause a sound while opening or closing the Garage door.

Inspect the Springs-

Garage door Springs can often need repair or replacement due to the torsion issues in the Garage door Springs. A timely checkup by a professional Garage door services helps you solving this kind of issue timely.

Garage Door Opener-

If you inspect and lubricate your garage door and still found noisy, the problem may be with the garage door opener. A noisy motor can be a sign of aging and need to be replaced by a professional.

Three mechanism factors you may require to consider for making decision of garage door installation. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Option of power supply need-

People may not think about what type of power supply and motor they need for their garage door opener. It had two options and each has different unique characteristics. Speed of alternating current driven motors may be uneven during operation and cannot utilize a backup power supply. Direct current motors have a stable speed throughout its operation and can be run on a backup battery when there is no power.

Size of motor used in garage door-

Units consumed by motors used for door garage is generally measured by horsepower and is the most common term used for motors. DC motors are accessible in ⅓, ½, or ¾ horsepower and AC motors are accessible in n ½ and ¾, HP. The size of the door and its weight determine the horsepower of the motor required for the garage door. It is also influenced by torsion spring calibration. A half horsepower motor is enough for normal garage door of single size and may need ¾ HP for double size doors.

System to drive the door-

The most common, economic and reliable drive system is Chain driven system. Some time it may make some noise. Belt drive system is same as chain drive system but use belts instead of chain for lifting the door. The belts are steel reinforced rubbers like car tires. It makes hardly any noise. Most costly alternative for garage door drive is jackshaft system. This arrangement is very well-matched with garage doors that have torsion springs and the best solution for high or tall garage ceiling.


Garage door services in Virginia provide the best opportunity of garage door service and glad to help you with all your questions. At ABC Garage Repair we want to serve our client not only today, but in the years ahead as well. Call us any day of the week for emergency garage door repair of any size. We can fix every problem of your garage door safely and efficiently as per your schedule and convenience with our experienced professionals and modern equipment. ABC sells installs, and repairs rolling gates, commercial and residential garage doors, openers, and parts, in Virginia. You can call us on<888-281-3478>to ensure you and your family are safe and secure every time.

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