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How to Choose a Durable Automatic Gate Opener?

In a home or business, gates are installed for enjoying the advantage of added privacy and security. If you have picked out your perfect gate, then it is the time to buy an automatic gate opener to enjoy a convenient operation. To open and close the driveway gates in a convenient way, every homeowner or a commercial property owner wants to choose the best gate opener. You will find a wide range of automatic gate openers and operators available in the market. But you need to understand that every gate opener has different capabilities, specifications, and limitations.

Are you finding it difficult to choose the best functioning gate openers? Then please read on to find out some useful information about selecting the right one!

About a top functioning Gate Opener:

Having an electrically controlled mechanism, the gate openers are fitted with the Gate Actuators that helps in opening and closing the gate. You can use a remote, access card to operate the gate openers. Normally, the remote, keypad or access card is used to send an electric signal or radio frequency signal to the gate motor, which helps the electric motor to open or close the gates as per the instruction.


Different ways to access the gate opener:

1. Remote Entry:

This is the most common way to open the driveway gate, which is relatively easy to use and maintain as well as proves to be cost-effective.

2. Card Entry:

The card entry is popular with commercial properties like apartment buildings. In this system, a chip is built into a card, which helps in accessing the gate opener to perform the operations in a smooth way.

3. Code Entry:

In this type, your gate opener is connected to a box with a number pad, which is programmed to open when the specific code is entered via the keypad. The code entry proves to be more secure but requires an individual to memorize the code.

4. Telephone Entry:

The telephone entry is considered to be one of the most secure and globally applicable types of accessing the gate opener. This type of mechanism is popular among residential and commercial property owners.


Some useful tips for a gate opener:

When choosing a durable gate opener, you need to keep in mind some important facts like:

1. You must consider the weight of the gate, shutter or door. This will help you in choosing a perfect gate opener that can successfully bear the weight of your gate.

2. Consider the location to decide the access mode of the gate openers like an access card, remote controlled system.

3. Decide the power source for the gate openers such as a battery, solar energy or electric supply.

The last thing-

To make the right purchase, you need to rely on an experienced automatic garage door and automatic gate opener experts- ABC Garage Doors! We are proud to serve Columbus, Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Trust us, to buy the right type of gate opener that delivers great functionality!

Contact us today at 888-281-3478 to get assistance from the experts for gate opener installation or repair!

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Baldwin Park Gate Repair 10/09/2017 13:44

Thanks for your advice , but i will recommend to have an inspection after six months. Doing monthly inspection can be very expensive for gates.